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By the same token, to go into a nigger's stomach should be the quintessence of adventure," he retorted.
Perhaps nothing else than that special intensity of existence which is the quintessence of youthful aspirations.
the quintessence of feminine intuition which will understand any perplexity you may be suffering from by the irresistible, enlightening force of sympathy.
24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Quintessence Biosciences, Inc.
One is the existence of quintessence, an invisible gravitating agent that instead of attracting, repels and accelerates the expansion of the cosmos.
The finest leather, woods, inspires this parfum and its refined design is the quintessence of the legendary automobile brand Bentley.
Over 1,000 participants took part in the first International Quintessence Dental Arab Congress (IQDAC), which was inaugurated at the Faisaliah Hotel in Riyadh yesterday.
The opening number moves across sets into scenes which were shot on location in New York streets, blending both seamlessly and making us feel that, for a few minutes, we have seen not an inserted dance, but the life of the streets heightened into quintessence.
Braving wind and rain at Acton yesterday, Mr Johnson said: "Standing on this delectable bus brings a sense of nostalgia but also demonstrates the quintessence of the latest technology, making this fit for the 21st century.
Cue a history lesson boasting the likes of ELP, Rush, Quintessence, Caravan, Wishbone Ash, Brum's own Moody Blues and many others.
Turning them in his palm, he mused, "Sometimes, when I peer inside these shells, I feel I have glimpsed some hidden secret of the universe, some quintessence of life.
is the second book in the "Focus Friends Appreciate" rhyming picturebook series for young people ages two to nine, featuring a cast of children who each embody the quintessence of a positive trait or theme.