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Since the only difference between the two studies was the format of the exams, it seems parsimonious to conclude that the equivalence of the quiz and exam format in the present study made the quizzes effective.
Pillay, General Manager, Excel Crop Care Limited, 2nd prize winner said, "The BI Quiz was amazing with lots of insights to the business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) technologies along with the questions that tickled my grey cells.
The quiz was open to students of grades nine to 12 of all curriculum schools from across the UAE.
We also got our photographs with Mark and Shaun and we were told one of the stars of Eggheads would come to our quiz.
Civil servant Michael, 36, is something of a TV quiz veteran, having appeared on Eggheads, 15 to One, Only Connect, Question of Genius and twice on Mastermind, where he was a runner-up in 2014 to champion Clive Dunning of Stockton.
3) That the students can retain the information longer than just for the quiz.
Over the three years that the quiz has been running, up to December 2013, a total of PS10,542 has been raised for various causes.
The GCF Quiz mobile app is optimized for most Android supported devices with enhanced graphics and design.
While this slick looking app already offers long-lasting entertainment for quiz fans around the world, you can also submit your own questions and have your name seen by everyone who plays them.
UrFilez will support the show, which will take place each week during the four week Ramadan period and end with a Grand Quiz night, by arranging for a feature performance from among Bahrain's many talented musical acts and performers.
The quiz takes place every year, raising vital funds to ensure that no one has to face breast cancer alone.
Like many other travel quizzes, Traveler IQ Challenge lets you boast of your score, share it with friends, compare your score with others, or hide your score altogether if things didn't go so well for you on the quiz.