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Then, via a discussion of Paul Klee and other anti-f oundationalist writing - itself interesting and well-framed--the Paulin section pleads for more acknowledgement of a postmodern quizzicality in Paulin the poet, despite Paulin the boot-boy's anti-theoretical pronouncements.
As Frederick Turner points out in his biography, Muir never fully formulated a land ethic: "At the outset, Muir felt himself unprepared to develop what amounted to a land ethic, and indeed, long after he had become a legend and a symbol of the preservationist cause, there remained a kind of quizzicality to his public utterances.
OU start with the little lady, whose eyes blink with the quizzicality of an owl, before she shuts them altogether to enter the mysterious and rambling realms of dream, where her characters take shape and dip into their many colours.