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Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson, of CNN's Crossfire, as quoted in the April issue of Elle
April 15--The Decatur Daily quoted Smith on 401 (K) plans and lessons from Enron.
11 -- Calgary Herald quoted Smith in an article about CPSC.
The increase in quotes translated into an even greater increase in the total number of products quoted.
The OTC Bulletin Board is a "dynamic" source of information and provides current information on quoted bid and ask prices.
QuickQuote's dental plan providers, Security Life Insurance Company and Baltimore Life Insurance Company, now are being quoted on the Web site for 47 states (not yet in Hawaii, New York or South Dakota).
Ken Macias, Lee Overstreet, Mary Walters and Kerry Gordon were quoted in the July 29 Sacramento Business Journal .
QuoteNETWorks' 220-plus agency customers already have downloaded more than 20,000 qualified leads and quoted more than $17 million in potential premiums.
Andrew Armanino was quoted in two articles in the June 1 Practical Accountant.
After the transfer of funds process is completed, stocks can be quoted and purchased.
David Cieslak was quoted in a May 25 posting on WebCPA.
With the availability of ChoicePoint's new comparative credit scoring capability, ChannelPoint's system will retrieve the consumer's credit scoring information from ChoicePoint and apply each carrier's unique score to the rate calculation for each of the participating companies being quoted.