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John Duckworth, Executive Vice President of Insight Title Company, said their Rate Quoter is an innovative tool that will be invaluable to its users.
I had the opportunity to try the Rate Quoter and their website -- great technology and user friendly.
By quickly taking these users through the appropriate options for their customers' audiovisual needs, the ACE-powered System Quoter allows dealers and resellers to create their system designs and produce price quotes in as little as 15 minutes -- a substantial savings in time from having to manually complete this process which can take up to three hours.
New ACE Quoter module provides online, central quote management.
The awarded quoter shall also have telemetry monitoring capabilities with the 3000 gallon tanked owned by and located at the Manatee County Bio-Solids Dryer, 3331 Lena Road, Bradenton, Florida, 34202.
The awarded Quoter will provide all equipment and software as specified, installation and set-up.
A Company May Control An Quoter As A Parent Company Even Though Not Meeting The Requirement For Such Ownership If The Parent Company Is Able To Formulate, Determine, Or Veto Basic Policy Decisions Of The Quoter Through The Use Of Dominant Minority Voting Rights, Use Of Proxy Voting, Or Otherwise.
The successful quoter shall warrant and guarantee that all materials and workmanship are first quality goods of current manufacture, with no seconds or rejects being used and meet industry standards.
Quoter to provide mock up drawings for proposed bench and mounting.