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With a spirited embrace of the rich confluence of sexual difference and theoretical debate Quotidian Queer wanders through some people's erotic everyday.
In this context, the total absence of vision is a remembered state, the quotidian of ignoble vicissitudes transformed into an active torment by contrast with a nearly-experienced paradise.
He embodies Master Dogen Zenji's teaching of "all that's important is the ordinary things" as he illustrates the profound moments in unremarkable quotidian life.
The round is co-led by High Peaks Venture Partners and Softbank Capital, and also includes Quotidian Ventures, NYC Seed and Contour Venture Partners, and strategically chosen angel investors including Tom Falus, former President of Cushman & Wakefield, Ryan Moore of Atlas Venture, Simon Hopkins of New York Angels, Ed Tolson of New York Angels, and Rick Webb, co-founder of The Barbarian Group.
Lifelike" brings together ninety examples of engagements with the quotidian over the past five decades by more than fifty artists, including Vija Celmins, Robert Gober, Kaz Oshiro, and Charles Ray.
The long view is intended to suggest future developments and products that are not visible in the quotidian detail.
And there are numerous scenes that just drag on forever, for no reason other than to approximate the quotidian poetry of his photos in the depth-deprived medium of real-time video.
Along with her witty descriptions of quotidian urban rudeness, Lynne repeatedly states her firm belief that "[t]he era of the manners book has simply passed.
First, I had yearned to escape the workaday world where I went about my quotidian tasks and routines and travel to an isolated place filled with natural beauty and silence for my writers retreat.
Reached by a flight of rough hewn stone steps, the podium acts as a physical and metaphorical gathering place, a transition between the realms of the quotidian and the divine.
Lewalski's structure for each section lists the scope of Milton's activities within their historical context, followed with her chronological presentation of "the quotidian John Milton.
Jeffrey Ford's "The Weight of Words," a story about a man who has discovered a means to convey meaning through the physicality of written language, is both philosophical and funny: a story that, like Leviathan 3 itself, is a potent antidote to the quotidian thinking (and writing) that infuses much of mainstream life.