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One is always quoting unconsciously," the Prime Minister admitted with a sigh.
Nor was material prosperity alone hers, for, because of her wonderful son and the position he had given her, she came to he looked upon as the first woman in all the village; and the women were given to visiting her, to asking her advice, and to quoting her wisdom when arguments arose among themselves or with the men.
He was fond of quoting a fragment from a certain poem.
Garrick is here quoting from one of Johnson's own poems in which he describes the decline of the drama at the Restoration.
Thucydides, in quoting the "Hymn to Apollo", calls it PROOIMION, which ordinarily means a `prelude' chanted by a rhapsode before recitation of a lay from Homer, and such hymns as Nos.
To the astonishment of all persons present under forty he emphasized those words by laying his hand on his heart, and quoting poetry.
Bardwell, in a way, started it by quoting from Thoreau; but it was old Trefethan, bald-headed and dewlapped, who took up the quotation and for the hour to come was romance incarnate.
But a voice behind me, the unmistakable voice of Wolf Larsen, strong with the invincible certitude of the man and mellow with appreciation of the words he was quoting, aroused me.
Bergson, quoting Fabre, has made play with the supposed extraordinary accuracy of the solitary wasp Ammophila, which lays its eggs in a caterpillar.
I bring not peace, but a sword,' says Christ," Sergey Ivanovitch rejoined for his part, quoting as simply as though it were the easiest thing to understand the very passage that had always puzzled Levin most.
Anthony Angeoli co-wrote an article in the February Journal of Accountancy, which also featured an article quoting Meloni Hallock and mentioning Susan Waters, Lynette Atchley and Dan Morris; Richard Creagh and Fred Harrison had letters published in that issue .
Quoting Shakespeare: Form and Culture in Early Modern Drama.