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I was probably unique as a foreign exchange dealer for not being rabidly right-wing.
What's exciting is that people come back - rabidly.
The President will no longer be blocked from pushing through his rabidly right-wing agenda.
The Mexican team, a burgeoning world soccer power coming off a 2-2 tie with lowly Canada, will be playing not only to beat its best regional rival but to get back in the good graces of its rabidly judgmental fans.
Rabidly anti-Europe, anti-foreigners, anti-social justice, Iain Duncan Smith is re-printing posters which have been blowing around in the political gutter for years.
I mean, my mother's conservative because my grandfather was so rabidly leftist.
Somehow the blastbombs, the spitting, and bottle throwing weren't as bad as the sight of grown men rabidly shouting abuse at four-year old kids.
Robbins said he asked Prejean, who has written and lectured widely against the death penalty, whether it concerns her that "people are coming out of the movie and not being rabidly anti-death penalty.
Darling is now Social Security Secretary, Stephen Byers is top dog at the DTI and Milburn is Health Secretary, but in their younger days they were all rabidly anti- establishment.
It's as if a camera-shy Catherine Zeta Jones were having an affair with a rabidly heterosexual Peter Mandelson under the paternal eye of Tony.
The premise of his English language message was that the leaders of the Western world are trying to paint Islam as an evil force and promote rabidly Islamophobic ideas.
A rabidly right-wing Republican Party was able to block legislation even before winning a majority in the Senate.