race hatred

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I had grown up amidst poverty, had been in a war, had witnessed the ugliness of race hatred, and I was not going to pretend to neutrality.
And when I may join with men and women to end the disease of breast cancer and the disease of race hatred and the disease of misogyny and the disease of homophobia and the disease of not caring about the victims of ethnic cleansing and the victims of our malignant neglect, I am happy beyond belief.
Maureen Lipman, who is Jewish and knows full well the evils of race hatred, saw fit not to oppose the question.
Instead of critics, the Beeb should have packed the audience with his shaven-headed henchman and allowed them to bay their race hatred.
ANYONE who knows me knows I can become quite testy when confronted with race hatred, but surely it's in what context you use a title that makes it offensive or cruel.
We must never forget what is the end result of race hatred and bigotry: the shocking spectacle of Belsen and Auschwitz.
When people think of discrimination they think first of race hatred or gay bashing or maybe women's lib.
Preacher Abdullah el-Faisal, who was jailed for nine years for inciting his followers to murder and stirring up race hatred, yesterday lost his appeal against conviction.
Ms Hewitt also promised fresh legislation to stop the far right British National Party infiltrating trade unions, to stir up race hatred among workers.
FANATICAL preacher Abdullah el-Faisal was jailed for a total of nine years at the Old Bailey yesterday for inciting his followers to murder and stirring up race hatred.
It is not just a story of race hatred in a once rich and thriving city, it is a shameful tale of deprivation, poverty and failure of successive governments to address the hopelessness of unemployment and the sense of young men and women of all colours and creeds who have been ignored and shunned for decades.