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They raced and squealed and pelted down the long white hill towards the bridge.
The swift steamship travel of to-day did not begin until 1838, when the Great Western raced over the Atlantic in fifteen days.
With a great cheer the outlaws raced up the hill to meet their new friends; and soon the whole force had gained the shelter of the castle.
Nor did he hesitate even here; but raced on through the jungle night, bearing his burden to safety.
On the far-away hills, sun-burst and shadow raced along the slopes and leaped from peak to peak.
The little hands upon the dials that registered my speed raced round faster and faster.
The horses, excited by pain and emulation, raced over the dark road, in the midst of which was now seen a moving mass, denser and more obscure than the rest of the horizon.
A warm excited thrill ran through my veins, my blood seemed to give abound, and then raced fast and hot along its channels.
Numbers of those creatures were to be seen basking in the sunshine upon the thatching of the houses, and multitudes at all hours of the day showed their glittering sides as they ran frolicking between the spears of grass or raced in troops up and down the tall shafts of the cocoanut trees.