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Ilona Barnett, Racecourse Manager at Stratford, is a big fan of the retrained racehorse and is delighted to be involved with this first ROR ride.
All of the winners picked up a first prize of PS300, with prizes of PS200 to second place and PS100 to third place in each of the three RoR Racehorse to Dressage finals.
Garry Fortune, general manager at Haydock, said: "We are delighted that jumps racehorse owners rate our racecourse so highly.
The Sport of Kings is now more accessible to the "crowd" than ever before; crowdfunding racehorse ownership allows owners from all over the country to own shares with trainers anywhere in the UK and even build their own stable of horses which they have shares in.
The Middlesbrough rider finished second out for 32 riders in the Racehorse to Riding Horse class on ex-racehorse, Stevey's Lad, mirroring her feat of last year where she went on to finish seventh at HOYS.
Lynette Lewis Popieluch is the Owner of Rancho Lynette Racehorse Ranch in Florida, a ranch which breeds and raises racehorses and jumping champion horses.
While it's a story of establishing a racehorse rescue business, it's also a story of passion and lessons learned from life.
It raises funds from within racing to provide and maintain facilities for the care, retraining and re-homing of former racehorses and to promote awareness of the suitability of the retrained racehorse for other equine careers.
LEGENDARY racehorse Red Rum has taken to the tracks once more - but this time it is train tracks rather than racing tracks.
To celebrate the Cheltenham Festival we've teamed up with top bookmakers Ladbrokes to give YOU the chance to own your very own racehorse.
Self-made millionaire and experienced thoroughbred racehorse owner Dick Pollard presents Horses for Courses: Adventures in Thoroughbred Racehorse Ownership, a behind-the-scenes look at the world of racetracks, trainers, breeders, jockeys, and the racehorses themselves.
Any owning or racing a horse will quickly come to consider PROFESSIONAL CARE OF THE RACEHORSE a 'Bible' of information--or will have to learn the same information the harder way, through the school of hard knocks.