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Roxy and Ronnie are shocked to be mistakenly arrested for soliciting, though they were having a scrap in the street outside a massage parlour, and Roxy can dress rather racily.
In fact, the French gave Mumbles its name, calling the place after its twin headlands racily known to the Normans as the Les Mamelles - French for breasts.
Throughout, old and new are distinguishable, but not in a racily explicit way; rather they are respectful partners in a stately gavotte around the secret garden cloisters at the heart of the building.
One peroxide blonde had decided to dress quite racily.
On the whole this is a lively and impressive book, fluently and sometimes racily written, bustling the reader along, full of intriguing and instructive detail, and always conveying a sense that the author's own understanding of Heine and of the dynamics of his texts is very well substantiated.
Griffiths has brought fresh material and a provoking perspective to his racily told account of racing's well publicised scandals.
2 litre SRi, racily red and built with the squat solidness of a Sumo wrestler.
Meyers writes well and indeed even racily, is very good at physical descriptions of the different people with whom Orwell came into contact, and once one begins his story one is loath to put it down.
while composer David Yazbek's score adds 15 songs, including the racily titled "Big Ass Rock" and "Michael Jordan's Ball.