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While these new racquets have a bold, fresh look that can't be missed, this is not smoke and mirrors, it's real, it's visible and players will feel the difference when they play," Ballardie continues.
Speaking on the occasion of the unveiling of the huge racquet, a proud Nabeel Ali bin Ali said: "We have been organising the squash events for about two decades.
McEnroe, 51, who signed the item for Sam, said: "That was definitely a racquet I played with.
When he left, McEnroe handed this broken racquet to her along with an unbroken one and some other memorabilia as a sort of thank-you.
Stringing a racquet too tight can also cause tennis elbow, particularly if the racket is light and head heavy.
People Sport has teamed up with our friends at Prince to offer three O3 Black racquets.
To win a year's membership of the Racquet Club for two people, simply answer this question: Which Merseyside football club has George Wilson worked for?
He had also planned to get rid of his two famous wooden racquets at an auction in London in June.
The day is particularly aimed at adults who have not played sport for a while or who have never tried some racquet sports but would like to have a go.
The Shark is the first-ever power Double Bridge racquet by Prince.
racquet and soccer ball) using film (Abernethy, 1988; Abernethy & Russell, 1987a, 1987b) or video editing (Williams & Davids, 1998).
1 Grab your racquet as if you are shaking someone's hand.