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Increasing vertical velocity of the racquet head, near impact, also likely improves forehand groundstroke effectiveness (Takahashi et al.
Before, I would maybe have smashed a racquet and lost the first set.
I'm just off to the shed at the bottom of the garden to dig out my boys' old tennis racquets.
Djokovic said: "I threw a racquet on the ground and it slipped and almost hit the line umpire.
I am happy to present him a racquet for his birthday.
She hadn't played tennis before and borrowed the clothes and racquet from her fellow Stourbridge friend Carol Knotts, who made the dress.
Stating that the technology had been developed over 10 years, Babolat further said that information directly transmitted from the player's racquet would tell exactly what is happening and not just a feeling from the player.
Though the umpire stated the racquet had not crossed the net, video replay clearly showed the fault.
Fifteen minutes or so before their time finished I was offered an old heavy racquet by my coach and asked to play.
The fact that it is the biggest squash racquet of the world was duly certified by the Guinness Book of World Records adjudicator Praveen Patel who was present on the occasion.
A racquet smashed by tennis hothead John McEnroe at Wimbledon could net its schoolboy owner up to pounds 15,000.