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A spokesman for Tesco said: "The racy butlers will bare their brawn to push trolleys, carry baskets, pack and load shopping into cars.
The Archers has become increasingly racy over the past 18 months.
A Healthy Sexuality Resource because it was "too racy," the Halifax school board has approved its distribution with the proviso that parents of grades 7, 8 and 9 students must sign parental consent forms.
In this book, Racy draws on multiple perspectives and experiences to reveal the emotionally evocative and affective dimensions of Arabic music, as they manifest through a complex musical and cultural phenomenon known as tarab.
The book, written during Franklin Roosevelt's second term, had been "deemed unpublishable, mainly for the racy content," according to an article by the Heinlein Society's Deb Houdek Rule.
But despite the ravages of time, Playboy remains the best-selling men's magazine in the face of competition from racy lad mags like Maxim and FHM.
made a refreshing decision recently when it announced that it would no longer carry such racy men's magazines as Maxim, Stuff, FHM, and Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition.
The real issue is not whether advertisers are using sex but whether the use of racy advertising brings benefit to the brand in the longer term.
Readers looking for a racy, entertaining romp full of plot twists, scandal and exposed secrets will not be disappointed.
Despite the work's racy title--Princess Goes to Bed with a Mountain Bike, 2001--there's no need for parental guidance in this girlworld fairy tale, which unfolded like a movie sequence or a comic strip across three walls of the gallery.
Love and Rockets is certainly not porn, but it swings in all directions and always manages to find the race in racy.
Powers (Morte D'Urban) and Edwin O'Connor (The Edge of Sadness) never did, brings the same sort of racy intrigue to papal politics in this tale of the next papal enclave.