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Comparable patencies of the radial artery and right internal thoracic artery or saphenous vein beyond 5 years: results from the Radial Artery Patency and Clinical Outcomes trial.
The clinical presentation of ACD in the radial artery is usually with a palpable mass, sometimes described as pulsatile and painful.
Radial artery access also requires less time in the hospital than the femoral approach, and that ends up costing less.
Medications that seem to work best to reduce spasm include either verapamil (up to 5 mg) or nitroglycerine (50-100 mcg) given directly through the sheath into the radial artery immediately after sheath insertion (16).
This brings the radial artery closer to the surface.
The reverse radial artery forearm flap is usually reserved for emergency trauma cases involving soft-tissue defects of the hand because it is a one-stage procedure and microsurgical experience is not needed.
Biofeedback using the radial artery pulse, or VAS answers this question.
Does routine use of the radial artery increase complexity or morbidity of coronary bypass surgery?
There are anecdotal reports of freedom from adverse events, such as radial artery thrombosis, and catheter patency rates that are similar to those when heparin flush solutions were used.
Subjects rested supine while pulse contour analysis was measured from the radial artery using an HDI/Pulsewave CR-2000 instrument (Hypertension Diagnostic, Inc.
Dr Kelly is supposed to have cut his ulnar artery in his wrist, an inaccessible and minor artery which would be more difficult and painful to sever than the radial artery, which is more usually cut in suicides.
The Edwards FloTrac sensor provides certain key continuous cardiac measurements by accessing data directly from an arterial line, which is a small catheter inserted into the patient's radial artery.