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This is essential to maintaining a tight current loop for the signal, to keep energy from radiating.
Scattered field generated by the radiating part of the VECS is explained in Section 3.
This is typical for a radiating element used in vertically polarized antennas.
East China - with Shanghai at the center, radiating towards the Chang Jiang Delta:
The release of the new RAYA radiating cable further underscores RFS role as a global leader in radiating cable technology, said Andreas Bergmeister, Product Manager Indoor Solutions, Cables Business Unit, RFS.
All the radiating elements and feeding structures of the proposed antenna array use a single metal layer and are folded around a columnar substrate.
However there are some places such as long corridors, tunnels, airport piers, areas inside sports stadiums or underground stations in which a smooth coverage cannot easily be achieved using such systems, making radiating cable systems a good technological alternative [5, 8, 9].
r = radiating systems that emit signals into space c = coupled systems that digitally emulate a system response h = hybrid systems capable of radiated or coupled operation
Sophisticated airborne antennas use lightweight dip-brazed arrays of radiating slots to provide high performance microwave antennas for virtually all of the world's commercial airline weather radar, as well as most military airborne radar systems.
The DIAM System is designed for patients who have degenerative stenosis and who suffer predominantly from radiating leg discomfort and moderate low back pain.
Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, is expanding its domestically-manufactured radiating cable product offerings.