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The other issue with "containing" radiated emissions is that they are still affecting other parts of the design, not to mention that if energy is radiating, it is being lost from the transmitted signal, which will manifest as signal degradation.
iv) Estimating the permittivity profile by minimizing an objective function including both radiating and non-radiating parts of the equivalent source respectively.
Figure 2 shows an array of identical individual radiating elements.
North China - with Beijing at the center, radiating towards the Bohai Bay;
We all know how uncomfortable these conditions are -- we've felt the heat radiating from asphalt and sweltered under smoggy brown skies.
Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a global designer and manufacturer of cable, antenna and tower systems providing total-package solutions for wireless and broadcast infrastructure, today announced the availability of RAYA158-50A cables, the worlds first vertically polarized ultra RF-broadband cable and the latest addition to its market-leading RADIAFLEX radiating cable series.
To feed more radiating elements for higher gain, the leaky wave antenna array is one of the prospective candidates, such as the rotated dipoles [17] to achieve horizontally polarized omnidirectional pattern in the azimuthal plane.
Radiating cables have been extensively used recently as part of wireless systems operating in the frequency range of UHF, such as in distributed antenna systems for in-building cellular scenarios, radio detection systems and wireless indoor positioning systems [1-4].
Sunspots are cooler and darker than the rest of the sun's surface because their magnetic fields impede hot gases from rising to the surface and radiating away their heat.
The center of Bengston's Ideal Exhaust, 1961, a kind of target formed by the radiating pipes of a motorcycle exhaust (the artist was a semiprofessional motorcycle racer), is occupied by the exhaust's heat exchangers, literalizing the focal point as the site of maximum intensity.