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Table 10: World Long-term Projections for Radiation Therapy Equipment by Geographic Region - United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin American Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2011 through 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-80
2 Radiation Therapy Options Evolution of Radiation Therapy Techniques Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Image Guided Radiation Therapy Stereotactic Radiosurgery Proton Therapy
Image guided radiation therapy allows physicians to treat with pinpoint accuracy diseases including brain tumors, prostate cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer and spine tumors, as well as many others" stated Dr.
The Special Committee, comprised of certain of Radiation Therapy Services' independent directors, issued the following statement: "After a market check was conducted at the direction of the Special Committee and with the assistance of the Company's financial advisor, Wachovia Capital Markets, LLC, Radiation Therapy Services received an acquisition proposal from Vestar Capital Partners and, after extensive negotiations and careful consideration in conjunction with our financial advisor, Morgan Joseph & Co.
Clinical solutions include among others Leksell Gamma Knife[R] for non-invasive treatment of brain disorders and Elekta Synergy[R] for image guided radiation therapy (IGRT).
Founded in 1993, IntraOp is committed to providing the tools doctors need to administer intraoperative radiation therapy safely and effectively - for all cancer patients.
In this study, radiation therapy combined with surgery (to remove the tumor) was used to avoid surgical amputation of the effected limb.
We hope this work will result in methods to tailor breath hold radiation therapy per patient that results in the smallest variability in lung tumor position from treatment to treatment," he continues.
Based in Madison, Wisconsin, TomoTherapy Incorporated has developed a revolutionary new medical system that integrates CTrue([TM]) imaging and the helical delivery of conformal radiation therapy to provide unprecedented accuracy and precision in the treatment of cancer patients.
Hershey Garner, Joe Ross and Arnold Smith will merge their practice with Highlands and continue to prescribe radiation therapy treatment and care for existing and new patients.
Methodology: This investigation was a survey of current department endorsed CAM practice in all 45 radiation therapy centres in Australia.
For early-stage breast cancer, the standard treatment is a lumpectomy, or surgical removal of the tumor, followed by radiation therapy to the entire breast.

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