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Comparison among the strains revealed that the UV radiation tolerance of strain Unioeste 4 was reduced after the fifth passage, and further reduced after the tenth and fifteenth passages.
Additionally, Flexfet's unique MIGFET on SOI process creates an inherent radiation tolerance, which is extremely useful in avionics and space systems.
The main objective of this work is to bring the original CLARA controller board to a higher level of radiation tolerance.
Single Event Latch up (SEL) is physically impossible and Single Event Upset (SEU) is better than 10-9 errors per bit / day, offering intrinsic radiation tolerance and total dose radiation testing of 100 Krads (Si).
assessment within the field of nuclear engineering regarding radiation tolerance of components, materials and systems related to confinement of and shielding from radioactive sources.
2 GHz operation; serial, parallel and hardwire programming; 6-bit reference counters; integrated 10/11 prescaler; phase detection; and 100krads Total Dose radiation tolerance.
As with all members of the FerVID family, the MB89R112 series uses ferroelectric memory (FRAM) for fast write speeds, high-frequency rewritability, radiation tolerance and low-power operation.
Renesas launched the R1LV1616R series of low voltage 16-Mbit SRAMs in June, in parallel with a paper at the VLSI conference in Hawaii, where they confirmed the radiation tolerance of the superSRAM.
Similarly the radiation tolerance specifications exceed those of the underlying Silicon.
Bryan Rogers, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Hi-Rel Products, said, "The established radiation tolerance and reliability heritage of our components and circuit designs are applied to the new AMA, AMF and AMR Series converters.

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