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Radical operations with special reference to auditory function.
The radical operation is chronicled in the new BBC documentary 'The Day I Got My Sight Back'.
A RADICAL operation which can control diabetes has been performed in Scotland for the first time.
Definitive RT is recommended only for patients who are medically unfit for surgery, refuse radical operation, or have unresectable advanced disease.
The definitive and most effective treatment for prostatic paraganglioma is radical operation.
This does not necessarily mean the imposition of radical operation or pay cuts, he added.
A radical operation returns West's ability to communicate and move, but it does not return him to Olivia, who he finds is in a deep coma.
But the tot's tousled hair hides an amazing secret - scars from a radical operation that has left her with only half a brain.
Fitzwilliams cautioned, "Those who have been brought up in the atmosphere of the radical operation with no experience of anything less extensive must remember that they are repeating dogma and not speaking from formed judgment.