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For the first time, these solutions bring the power of affordable NAS storage together with the capabilities of radically simple media management" said Sam Bogoch, CEO of axle Video.
Outside the court SPUC spokesman Liam Gibson said: "We want the current guidance radically amended.
What are specific ways applicant data can be analyzed to assess the feasibility of radically simplifying EFC determination to ease the burden on students and families?
The look isn't radically different because many of the body panels are carried over from the 2005 Explorer.
The Radically Simple campaign will appear on local and national cable television, radio, online and outdoor billboards, and at select music and community events.
At the root of the problem is technology that has improved only incrementally, not radically, since the 1920s.
Photographer Linda Butler's elegy to the Yangtze River documents a landscape and a way of life radically disrupted by the damming of China's Three Gorges.
In Brooklyn, residential development has begun to transform Williamsburg and the anticipated Forest City Ratner development, which will include a new Frank Gehry-designed Nets arena with accompanying retail and housing components, will radically transform the center of the borough.
Designed to radically improve their clients' end-user's application experience, CachePortal leverages its cache management software architecture for intelligent dynamic content validation processing in order to independently maintain cached content.
Collaboratively compiled and co-edited by Anand Pandya and Craig Katz, Disaster Psychiatry: Intervening When Nightmares Come True is a selection of essays by experienced professionals concerning the difficulty of providing psychiatric help in dramatic and radically difficult settings--amid the Gaza strip, in the wake of disaster in Australia, El Salvador, India, and Turkey, or following the September 11th attacks.