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The feminist movement and the women's movement need this radicalness.
Stories of the social connections and political know-how of priests and bishops give life and meaning to the old story of cure radicalness.
Instead, Appleby says, the church needs to talk about the counter-cultural nature of religious faith--the radicalness, in a consumer-driven culture, of loving our neighbor and believing in something beyond ourselves.
When IBM and Coca Cola and Nike adopt "radical" representational strategies to sell their products, what are we to make of claims for the radicalness of form itself?
His failure lies in the radicalness of the change he desires.
He also pointed out that lesbian and gay differences can be elided by the term, or taken for granted, and that simply doing queer theory doesn't constitute radicalness, any more than simply being lesbian or gay does.
Will this new form of text inculcate a new consciousness that is amenable to a new politics, or will current ideological structures reincorporate its radicalness in such a way that the ideologies reflected by print are not challenged?
Many of Cowlishaw's critics position their radicalness as coming from a Leftist school which challenges class relations and state power.
47) The radicalness of this proposal justifiably prevents courts and legislators from recognizing animal standing.