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Gerard de Villiers, a French popular novelist whose raffish, long-running spy-thriller series, SAS, sold more than 100 million copies and became a kind of drop-box for real-world secrets from intelligence agencies around the world, died Thursday in Paris.
By the 1870s, iron steamships, heavy guns, hydraulic machinery, and torpedoes emphasized the increasingly specialized demands placed on the man-of-war sailor, while his public persona, cemented by the issue of a standard uniform in 1857, moved from raffish outsider to icon of working-class respectability.
Like "Go Fish" 18 years ago, Campbell X's raffish, seriocomic debut feature is rough-hewn in technical and narrative terms but offers a bracingly uncompromised peek at a subculture that should appeal to (primarily) lesbian audiences.
Image Debonair and raffish Best Known For His catchphrase "Well, hel-lo.
Paying tribute, Sir Mark Prescott, said: "Tall, trim and elegant, with a natty style of dress and a slightly raffish length of hair, he possessed perfect manners, a self-deprecating sense of humour and an air of old school charm.
Drawing from her own decades-past experience of having worked on a small track, Gordon commandingly relays the story of a raffish band of rapscallions, dreamers and schemers all, veritable slaves to the promise of easy money; a grim and gritty story evoking as much the dissipation of a gambler's life as it does the violent vicissitudes of intimate and profligate relationships; a story weaving terrible moments, like kidnapping, murder, and rape; a story singing of a singular battle-scarred nobility; a story as darkly layered as the American dream and nightmare.
Leon Best battled manfully despite the clumsy attentions of that raffish, handsome devil who used to earn a crust for Cuffe's Warriors.
Crystal will be his third wife, picked from the leggy air-heads who descend on his raffish household in the hops e of striking old gold.
The puzzle of Fitzjames, which William Battersby's book goes a long way towards solving, is how this raffish chancer, who had never seen an iceberg, emerged as Franklin's deputy on Erebus and played such an influential role in the worst calamity in the history of polar exploration.
Tricked out with darkened windows and black paint-andl e at h er combo, plus fat alloys and mesh grille, mine always radiated raffish attitude.
it was the first time a colorless raffish was spotted by local scientists.