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Resurrected as a raffish holiday cruiser, she was little more than a cut-rate party boat catering to boisterous vacationers with a yen for rum swizzles.
But where do The Beatles, Madonna and The Sound of Music fit in among all those bosoms, bottoms and raffish chaps in opera hats?
Ironically, perhaps, Thompson himself has been a persuasive advocate for the economic and social importance of the horse and its surrounding culture in Victorian England; and Huggins uses the ramifications of horse-racing to point up the importance of gambling, hedonism and raffish enjoyment not only among the disreputable aristocracy and the lumpenproletariat, but also among the commercial and industrial middle classes, important providers of investment, audiences and gambling income, among the mainstream skilled working class and among women at all social levels.
The development of the Order of Fontevrault was an unlikely success story: founded by an outspoken, chain-mail wearing, and unkempt religious enthusiast who was required by the church authorities to impose constraints upon his large and unruly company of admirers, who initially included ladies of the night and other raffish persons, but also, and increasingly, members of the nobility.
Apparently, Robinson's raffish, Rat Pack charm has worked its wonders on the conservative members of ASIFA.
Her patrician childhood in Sussex, with its privileges and privations; the early death of her father and family feuds over property; rebellion and the intense, raffish bohemian life between the wars.
He is as raffish in his appearance as I would wish every Disciple of Godwin to be.
Our craft has always been a bit raffish and thank God for it.
Raffish Keith Raffan wouldn't deny he's loud and brash.
Never, ever did Sotheby's involve itself in passing fakes, or anything of the sort, however mixed up in raffish activities the company might otherwise have been.
THINK Jaguar and you probably think of unashamedly high-end cars, raffish, elegant and rapid.