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For the most part, though, the film is an enjoyable romp, thanks to Gibson, who raffishly grins and mugs his way through the proceedings until he gets sensitized (but we all knew that was going to happen).
The Wall Street Journal's Joe Morgenstern praised Douglas' work, but slighted the Pars marketing: "a raffishly eccentric role, and he's never been so appealing.
Yet close to the ground, where the partial gaze of a British soldier would least tend to wander, the Irish keep land raffishly reveal, when the way is clear) their secret: the dissenting rhythms of pell-mell, manic, liberating footwork, like tap dancers turned contrarian and fanatic.
Dudley's score and her remix of "You Can Leave Your Hat On" by Tom Jones were both mentioned by reviewers as musical highlights of The Full Monty, with Entertainment Weekly stating "the gruff swagger of Tom Jones perfectly encapsulates Monty's raffishly skewed humor.