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Jervis herself heard Attl's group and found that "it performed so raggedly that I questioned whether the musicians had the required amount of training and rehearsal.
With robust guitar sweeps and graceful vocals, Sholi's music can be as viscerally sweet or raggedly disharmonious as dreams.
Richard Burton, timing his challenge to perfection on Alvino in a raggedly run hunter chase
He clung to the ice like a wounded animal, on hands and knees breathing raggedly, fighting back the gnawing pain.
King Lear," an upsetting allegro assai, is the opus's raggedly beautiful gem.
This time, purple stained my swollen left eye and jaw; the crowns on my two front teeth, put in place after an earlier fall, chipped; my lips puffed out in a parody of a sexual pout; and inside the lower lip, four sutures held together the raggedly bitten flesh.
The quasi-Balanchine dance routines, now credited to Nikki Woollaston, were raggedly executed.
The raggedly sketchy color illustrations suit this whimsical story just right.
At home time there was always a congestion of mothers, toddler siblings, sturdy push-chairs and coach-built prams gathered at the school entrance and we journeyed home in families and groups of families, raggedly rather than briskly, playing and dawdling as we went.
Finally, she ends up in jailhouse dress, hair raggedly cut, in a scene that would have been perfect for Ingrid Bergman's Joan of Arc.
Tranmere can take credit for defending diligently, if occasionally raggedly, in the first half and for looking the side most likely to win the game in the second period.