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Often students produce a rag mag, a magazine commonly filled with politically incorrect humour which was originally sold to the local community during Rag Week.
The absence of Union Rags means the winners of all three US Triple Crown races - the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont - a re missing from the rest of the season.
Thebaby'smumDeng,said:"My son's face was blackened dirty and he was dressed in rags.
Despite Rags to Riches' first loss of the season after going 5 for 5, Pletcher still believes he has the best 3-year-old filly in the country.
Remember that all these products are flammable; turn off any nearby pilot lights and hang rags out to dry before throwing them away.
With the exception of Scott Joplin's works and Bowman's "12th Street Rag," "favorites" probably refer more to the historical popularity of these works, rather than any contemporary perception.
Rags Land is a distinctive manufacturer specializing in classic clothing and accessories, timeless in style for mother and child.
The European Commission granted clearance on June 29 to the sale for a billion Dollars of German company RAGs US assets to the American merchant bank First Reserve and to Blackstone, the private equity firm and energy and coal assets specialist.
Firefighters are warning residents not to keep rags soaked in linseed oil.
FROM RAGS TO RICHES Until the 1880s, newspapers were printed on paper made mostly from cotton-rag fibers.
It lives in no local lexicon or library; I finally found a Yiddish web site that said schmatas means "rags" or "looks like rags.
The children twisted and tied the rags (measuring approximately 6" x 9") to one another and shortly thereafter, the coiling and stitching began.