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But, the time was not come yet; and every wind that blew over France shook the rags of the scarecrows in vain, for the birds, fine of song and feather, took no warning.
There sat Little John eating away for dear life, while the fat steward was rolled under the table like a bundle of rags.
The eldest of the latter--a boy--is as frail as his father, while the mother--a woman who, formerly, must have been good looking, and still has a striking aspect in spite of her pallor--goes about in the sorriest of rags.
There burst and fell into his private room a man in the filthiest rags, with a greasy squash hat still askew on his head, and a shabby green shade shoved up from one of his eyes, both of which were glaring like a tiger's.
Come, friend, divide your rags gayly among these damsels.
So saying, he stooped over the burly rascal and searched among his rags and tatters, till presently his fingers felt a leathern pouch slung around his body beneath his patched and tattered coat.
To leave family, home, and all the cares of worldly welfare, in order without clinging to anything to wander in hempen rags from place to place under an assumed name, doing no one any harm but praying for all- for those who drive one away as well as for those who protect one: higher than that life and truth there is no life or truth
Scraps ought to, being rags herself," said the cat; "but I simply can't stand it; it makes my whiskers curl.
In all unhandy places there were buckets, brooms, rags and bottles.
A long time passed away, then the collar came into the rag chest at the paper mill; there was a large company of rags, the fine by themselves, and the coarse by themselves, just as it should be.
But his choice was to sit in rags and dinginess on a bench in a park.
As for myself, I thought I cut a miserable figure in the bill; and yet was well enough pleased too, for since I had changed these rags, the description had ceased to be a danger and become a source of safety.