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Seth arose from his place on the grass and went silently past the men perched upon the railing and into Main Street.
Grottos, cleverly managed, and massive terraces with dilapidated steps and rusty railings, gave a peculiar character to this lone retreat.
Though I hid myself from you, my landlady was forever shouting and railing at me.
Perhaps some of the Acadians, in their aimless wanderings through the town, found themselves near a large brick edifice, which was fenced in from the street by an iron railing, wrought with fantastic figures.
The road was barely sufficient to suffer two carriages to move by each other without touching, being from necessity dug out of the base of the mountain; a precipice of many feet led to the river, which was high and turbulent at the time; there was no railing nor any protection on the side next the water--and in endeavouring to avoid the unprotected side of the road, two wagons had met a short time before, and one of them lost a wheel in the encounter--its owner had gone to a distance for assistance, leaving the vehicle where it had fallen.
Cease, then, this brawling, and do not draw your sword; rail at him if you will, and your railing will not be vain, for I tell you--and it shall surely be--that you shall hereafter receive gifts three times as splendid by reason of this present insult.
Leaning against the railing on the piazza were an immense number of long, heavy bamboos, plugged at the lower end, and with their projecting muzzles stuffed with a wad of leaves.
A bench, raised on a narrow platform to the height of a man above the floor, and protected in front by a light railing.
and, with his feet on a bar of the balcony railing and his hands in his pockets, was looking at the stars.