raise aloft

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A sharp and personable guide wise-cracked the group during an engaging two-hour trip, answering a host of questions with authority and humour as we ambled through the hospitality areas, the changing rooms, out through the tunnel and up to the Royal Box to raise aloft the FA Cup.
WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT Gethin Jenkins and Jones raise aloft the Six Nations trophy after the stunning 30-3 victory over the old enemy last week at the Millennium
Galway's hero back then was goalscorer Johnny Glynn, who, as captain, then went up to raise aloft the FAI Cup before dancing a jig of delight.
Moynahan is in the midst of a maddening sequence of results, but now is not the time for his followers to raise aloft the white flag.
Maybe APOEL, in a radical change of direction, can help the people of Cyprus to bring down their false gods, like Dolce & Gabbana and the mediocre football purveyed by clubs such as yours, and raise aloft those worthy of exaltation, like integrity, knowledge and truth.
Sports professionals will tell you it's not all about the money and for women tennis players it must be impossible to put a price on the feeling when they raise aloft the famous Venus Rosewater Dish.
Joey - a fully paid-up member of the lumberjack's union - uses a real-life chainsaw to cut all the way through the slab and raise aloft a six-inch thick piece.
Arsenal should, however, still go ahead with their plans to hold an opentop-bus parade - they can always raise aloft an impressive balance sheet.
MacLeod was the last Hibs skipper to raise aloft a major trophy, when they defeated Dunfermline 2-0 in the 1991 League Cup Final.
Here the brave group raise aloft a smiling Chanelle.
Although Higgins battled to the end, it was O'Sullivan who was to raise aloft the silverware thanks to an 18-14 victory.