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NEARLY eleven million naira has been contributed to a private endowment fund created by Governor of Borno State, Kashim Shettima to raise contributions for the education of eight children of his deceased police orderly, Inspector Mohammed Azare.
Wiessmann said, "Until now, crowdfunding in Pennsylvania could be used only to raise contributions for causes, projects, services, or products.
This was very good news, especially as, according to Emilianidou, there would be no need to raise contributions to the fund in the immediate future.
By stepping down from her leadership role, Hoyle was freed from her responsibility to raise money for the House Democratic caucus and able to raise contributions exclusively for her own campaign fund.
Goyette helped raise contributions in the 2008 and 2012 Ron Paul Presidential Money Bomb fundraisers that set new records for political fundraising.
The case challenges the judicial Canon 7C(1) that requires judicial candidates to set up a committee to raise contributions and prohibits them from directly asking for campaign funds.
The meeting will renew calls for donors to raise contributions and honor their past pledges, while setting priorities for action on security and political transition amid growing insecurity and violence in Yemen.
It will raise contributions slightly for both firms and workers.
Such move will help oil-dependent regional countries switch to knowledge-based economies and raise contributions by non-oil sectors to the gross domestic product, he noted.
But he said the Government was "still seeking to raise contributions, which will hit staff hard".
I think the Government is right to raise contributions for public-sectors workers because the country is still struggling and things could get worse again.
TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said that some progress had been made on some of the issues, but there was still a "major gap" between the two sides on plans to increase the pension age, raise contributions and change the way pensions are determined from inflation.