raise funds

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References in classic literature ?
Borrowing was out of the question: six months before he had given his only security to raise funds for necessary repairs to the mill, and he knew that without security no one at Starkfield would lend him ten dollars.
The resource configuration process of the capital market is actually a continuous circulation process that numerous enterprises raise funds and invest.
Global Banking News-March 4, 2016--Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund has no plan to raise funds from central bank
Michael Sheeran, owner/operator at Ocean Beach said "We are happy to be supporting the Mayor's Charity again this year and helping to raise funds for three great causes.
In essence the story seems to say that nobody is going to be allowed to informally and privately raise funds, or make a donation, for any cause unless they have a licence from the government.
UNLIKE the BJP which organised tea parties to promote Narendra Modi, the m dmi Party ( P) is hosting a tea party on March 29 in Gurgaon to raise funds for the Lok Sabha poll campaign.
SUPER-fit policeman Keith Harbottle is raise funds with a little help from his friends.
CORAL CEO Andy Hornby is leading a team embarking on a 30-mile charity walk to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support and the new regional centre of Changing Faces in Yorkshire this week.
CHRISTMAS collections at Captain Cook Square in Middlesbrough and Morrisons at Berwick Hills will help raise funds for the Marie Curie Nursing Appeal.
Taipei, May 6, 2011 (CENS) -- Further regulatory liberalization of financial markets in Taiwan and China continues to drive Taiwan's financial holding companies (FHCs) to raise funds to expand operations this year.
And I'm thrilled to be able to raise funds for a very good cause.
The name of our band is Lets Act under which we raise funds for economically-disadvantaged patients by doing musical performances," said Dasmit Singh, a doctor.