raise questions

See: impugn
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For example, a state insurance department might raise questions in connection with the examination of an insurance company's books, or the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) might find apparent irregularities in the records of a member securities broker/dealer.
A vital and probing inquiry that dares to raise questions in order to cherish the memory of those who were lost in the best way possible--by better safeguarding lives in the future.
While the skin absorbs a very small percentage of the aluminum in antiperspirants, studies show, natural health advocates raise questions about the effects of constant exposure.
They raise questions about contaminants called ``endocrine disrupting compounds,'' pollutants that act on humans as hormone blockers or hormone mimics and interfere with natural human physiology.
Romania, which has applied for EU membership, has insisted that its actions regarding the ICC should not raise questions about its "loyalty toward membership in .
Critics, such as the Jesuit Professor of Liturgy iii Rome, Keith Pecklers, warned that the Vox Clara committee had better not bypass ICEL because that would raise questions "about collegiality.
Two new studies raise questions about Cc's future, however.
The Latin oil producer was among the first countries to raise questions about the safety of the Explorer.
The others raise questions that should be asked and answered.
Circumstances surrounding the scandal were unusual enough to raise questions beyond those asked in a routine examination, the GAO said.
Through critical thinking students consider multiple perspectives to patient care, critique different approaches possible in a clinical situation, weigh options and make sound decisions, and raise questions about issues to further clarify them (Oermann, 1997, 1998; Oermann & Gaberson, 1998).
The concept of aliens peering into our world is woven throughout Magic Frequencies, and serves to raise questions about identity.