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The rakishness that spawned Clinker made Bramble a sentimental invalid: "his peevishness arises partly from bodily pain, and partly from a natural excess of mental sensibility; for, I suppose, the mind as well as the body, is in some cases endued with a morbid excess of sensation" (17).
When he gets older he will be able to graduate to the Alan Rickman school of suave rakishness.
About a third of the way into the piece --"Robertson's Conversion From Rakishness to Faith Culminates in His Crusade for the White House," it was headlined--Shribman quietly corrected some of the dates in the Virginia Republican's biography.
Dick's snobbery and rakishness cause him to dishonour Cecily by suggesting that they 'be man and wife in everything but the ceremony' (Heir, 41).