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There they chanted, waved signs, and otherwise expressed their political views to any ralliers who happened to be dreadfully lost.
Indonesian security forces sprayed water cannon and tear gas on anti-American protesters Monday after the ralliers refused to halt a demonstration in front of parliament.
2 -- color) Thousands of ralliers in matching T-shirts form a human peace sign Friday at Antelope Valley College's stadium.
Earlier Sunday, when ralliers assembled in front of the Bulgarian Parliament, some among them tried to move away the metal fences around the building.
The Iranian ralliers took photos with the model RQ-170 spy drone, showing the enthusiasm for the country's power in downing alien stealth aircraft.
com/articles/153840/Sofia+Gay+Pride+Sends+Message+of+Love+to+Russia" target="_blank">Saturday's Sofia Parade also took issue with the Russian legislation, with ralliers carrying a sign reading "To Russia with Love.