rally around

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BEIRUT: Health Minister Wael Abu Faour called Sunday on the Druze community in Syria to reconcile with their countrymen in the Deraa province and rally around MP Walid Jumblatt.
In the short term, people would rally around the President.
Williams argued that one reason for the social ills disproportionately afflicting blacks is that character and accountability in the black community are undermined by a tendency to rally around prominent African-Americans behaving badly, from O.
BEAR BRYANT: "I get along fine with my college professors once they begin to understand that it's hard to rally around a math paper.
Our states differ in membership makeup and it's been very difficult to find one slogan to rally around," said Robert Greenwood, AAHSA associate director of public affairs.
But Roosevelt had not been assassinated, nor had he an obvious successor for New Dealers to rally around.
In other words, there was no image as powerful as "El Castillo" that the progressive forces could rally around, and this cultural vacuum seriously weakened their cause, particularly during the Republic and the Civil War.
Net Promoter offers a solution to this gap, allowing organizations to rally around a powerful and straightforward score that links to customer loyalty and growth.
Summary: Saudi Arabia commends the Lebanese Army's efforts to safeguard national security and calls upon all Lebanese factions to rally around the military, Ambassador Ali Awad Asiri said Wednesday.
com Web site, has launched the Rally Around the Rhino widget - an icon available for downloading onto any online site or page with a direct link to http://www.
Prince Abdul, who fled Afghanistan in 1978 just before the Soviet invasion, said: "Afghan people never rally around policies - they rally around people.
Bengie Molina's three-run homer in the bottom of the fifth got Lackey off the hook, one of several encouraging signs the Angels could rally around.