rally round

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f a D, How When the unexpected hits us, we tend to rally round and find some fighting spirit to get us through
Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston believe friends and family are more likely to rally round in cold weather.
A HUDDERSFIELD charity has urged people to rally round to help refugees in dire need in Africa.
The townsfolk are outraged at the thought of their old foreman's body being moved and rally round his widow Hatty.
we will rally round the family MOURNER yesterday on loss to community
Just like fearless Fiona Rutherford, who dived into a raging river to save her five-year-old daughter Rachel from drowning, and the Parkhead community who rallied round for Amanda McPherson's fire-hit family, the people of Inverbervie refused to give in and kept up their tireless efforts to rally round the families of the lost fishermen.
Omar Ali, Newport councillor for the Pillgwenlly ward, said: "People have been trying to rally round the family and see if there is anything they can do.
AN attack on a homeless man has seen a community rally round.
Experienced Middle East rally driver Sheikh Abdullah Al Qassimi and co-driver Khalid Al Kendi, who replaced the regular co-driver Steve Lancaster in this round, timed 52 minutes and 22 seconds to win the fourth and final rally round in their Mitsubishi Evolution 9.
All for domestic consumption: a prominent Russian political analyst says Iran just acts in a confrontational manner for domestic consumption--to press Iranians to rally round the flag as they traditionally do in moments of national danger.
FRIENDS RALLY ROUND AS SEARCH FOR TEEN CONTINUES A LARGE-scale search was continuing yesterday for a teenager who has not been seen for nearly a week.
Tennis ace Andy Murray splits from girlfriend Scandal ref books a new career as a magician Mystery over Tiger Woods car crash after fling claims Racist killer under guard Family vow to rally round after kids lose mum in crash