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The experienced rallyist too had an impressive outing in Abu Dhabi finishing third behind the illustrious UAE drivers.
The 42- year- old has battled a series of tumours in her spine, and has yet excelled in para javelin throw, discus throw, and shot put, in addition to being a keen rallyist and adventurer.
Ali Al Balushi, another rallyist, said, "We condemn violence and vandalism which occurred in Sohar and protests in Sohar do not reflect Omani culture and values.
His grandfather Indu Chandhok founded the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs in India in the 1950s, and his father, former rallyist Vicky Chandhok, raced in the 1970s.
They are also reportedly threatening transporters with dire consequences if they handover their vehicles for ferrying rallyists even as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is making all attempts to make the rally a success.
Covering approximately 2300 kms of western India, the rallyists competed against each other in challenging categories that were carried out in the rough terrains of Rajasthan.
The protest rallyists passed through the streets and bazrs and were given a rousing welcome as people in general also joined them in condemning the conspiracy to defame Majithia who they said has ushered in a new chapter of development and people's welfare in the area.
lt;/pgt;lt;pgt; " Rallyists generally deliver their best results when they are 29 or 30.
I had to watch my diet, the gym instructor also had to rely on the advice of senior rallyists what type of muscle training I needed.