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And most of all, I admired the President for facing the rallyists after the SONA, Dasco stated.
When police attempted to intercept the rallyists, they started pelting stones at them.
More on Thundersprint next week, but determined rallyists will be out two weekends on the trot with the BMF's big annual rally down at the East of England showground at Peterborough the weekend of May 19/20.
The rallyists chanted, "We do not want an imam in Cankaya [the presidential palace].
Anti- and pro-Estrada rallyists have clashed in Manila's Makati financial district, throwing stones and plastic bottles at each other after trading jeers.
In Manila's Makati financial district, anti- and pro-Estrada rallyists clashed, throwing stones and plastic bottles after trading jeers.
After a two-week drive from Moscow to Ulan Bator, Mongolia, (the same distance from Alaska to the Panama Canal) Rod Millen and co-driver Richard Kelsey - both New Zealand-born rallyists now living in the United States, reached the finish in the capital of Mongolia earlier today, and the challenge for both man and machine impressed the veteran rallyist.
About 200 rallyists, led by Laban ng Masa, also marched from People Power Monument to the PNP headquarters in Camp Crame to voice out their dissent on the Duterte administration's Charter Change.
How ironic that those who had all the means to injure, and even to kill, the rallyists, now willingly appear to be the victims,' she said.
Covering approximately 2300 kms of western India, the rallyists competed against each other in challenging categories that were carried out in the rough terrains of Rajasthan.
The Sultanate, thanks to its picturesque locations, used to a favourite round for the rallyists from across the region and this year rally, scheduled to be held from April 30 and November 1, has attracted a lot of attention from the teams and drivers and not to mention innumerable motorsport enthusiasts who are eagerly waiting for the flag-off on Thursday.
Leader of the Opposition in the Bihar Assembly Nand Kishore Yadav said that elaborate arrangements of food and accommodations were being made for the convenient stay of the rallyists who would be staying at different places in Patna.