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Cells were treated with DMSO (control) or various concentrations of each Ramie leaf extract for 2 days.
Ramie, an outspoken student for Palestinian rights was certain that he was a victim to subjective 'punishment and selective and discriminatory application of the [university] housing code'.
Confused as to what rule or regulation, if any, he violated, Ramie wrote GW on November 4.
Organs from ramie contain a large amount of polysaccharides and secondary metabolites.
6) Georges Ramie wrote along the same lines that, "He decided that, apart from his original personal work, a collection of works should be opened, conceived so that each one of them could be repeated in a number of copies to de determined.
Ramie Targoff has simply not discovered and defined a sufficiently distinctive conception of Donne's literary and religious vision.
Trident also blends in fibers such as rayon, bamboo, ramie, linen, silk, soya fibers and hemp.
The company's Botanical Bath line includes an assortment of bath accessories made from natural materials ranging from bamboo to jute, ramie and loofah.
Shannon Okey, co-owner of Stitch Cleveland, introduces readers to plant-based fibers, including Tencel made from wood pulp and other yarns made from soy (soft like silk), ramie, kenaf, flax, hemp, bamboo, seaweed, nettles, and more.
David and Graeme Haswell both grabbed doubles, with Ramie Elliott and Kieran McKeown claiming the other scores.
Every year, some 30 million tonnes of natural fibres are farmed from animals and plants across the globe from China (cotton, wool, hemp, sisal, ramie silk etc) to the Andes (Alpaca).
The unifying preoccupation of all John Donne's writings, according to Brandeis University English professor Ramie Targoff, is his obsession with the mysterious relationship between his soul and body.