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Lahore -- The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has sealed three famous snack factories for using expired and rancid oil in the preparation of Nimko and Biscuit in the provincial metropolis.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Monday sealed three nimko and biscuit factories for using expired and rancid oil.
LAHORE:The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Friday sealed three famous snack factories for using expired and rancid oil in the preparation of nimko and biscuits in the provincial metropolis.
During the meeting, members of the "Country of Apricot" faction brought containers of rancid wastewater from Yerevan's Nubarashen district, which caused unbearable smell in that district.
THEY may have a reputation to uphold as rock stars but Green Day and Rancid got in touch with their softer side while in Northern Ireland.
Summary: MP Sami Gemayel, who has labeled the government rancid and rotten, Friday confirmed the resignations of the two Kataeb ministers, and again acknowledged there would be no written resignation because, according to the Constitution, that can only be presented to a president.
With Sunday storm, they're probably more like rancid rivers of garbage.
In an apparent reference to the Trojan Horse controversy in Birmingham, Mr Galloway added: "Rotund rancid ridiculous war man Khalid Mahmood MP is a Trojan Horse for the Henry Jackson Society in Bradford.
All oil goes rancid eventually due to a reaction that occurs between fats and oxygen and changes the structure of the molecules in the oil.
The QI host said there was "something squalid and rancid about being spied on" and using people's fears about terrorism as a means to spy on citizens was "duplicitous and deeply wrong".
In high temperatures, the oil goes rancid as heat accelerates spoilage via oxidation.
But dry food is far less nutritious (oxidation slowly decreases the vitamin activity), and has far more potential to be rancid, the more time passes post-manufacture.