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FOR all the occasionally rancorous debate and accusations over the government's support for our armed services, public appreciation of what they do is probably higher than it has been for
It has been an increasingly rancorous saga but it is one that appears to be heading towards an inevitable conclusion and City boss Mark Hughes hopes he will land his man - provided a deal can be reached.
The fall out from snow closing schools in our area has continued over the weekend and if anything become more rancorous.
What could have been a rancorous and bitter situation was handled professionally and businesslike under very dire circumstances," Teamster official John Murphy told Turner.
The campaign primaries prove to be long and rancorous.
But the rancorous nature of his departure and subsequent postings on the club supporter's message board dissuaded him from returning.
Hull have threatened Rovers with legal action over Cooke's signing and the whole saga of his move had made the 200th meeting between the two clubs one of the most rancorous.
Turkey's powerful military chiefs make a dramatic intervention into a rancorous debate about the country's new president, hours after parliament failed to elect Abdullah Gul, foreign minister in the neo-Islamist government, to the post.
The influx of women in leadership comes at a time when, after 12 years of heavy-handed GOP rule, partisanship has become uncommonly rancorous, even by Washington standards.
Our political discourse is rancorous enough without attempting to psychologize our adversaries out of decent debate.
Rather than rancorous divisiveness, the public wants good-faith cooperation and problem-solving between all parties.