random sample

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This would ensure that all the 4 measurements in the random sample come from one or any combination of the 4-strata.
These rodent remains were deposited in the caves by owls, whose diet was deemed to "constitut[e] a random sample of the local rodent population" (Flannery, 1967, P.
Heffron said the city has spent about $50,000 on the random sample.
There is a data restriction for the firms in the random sample, so our analysis is restricted to the other categories of determinants used in Berkman and Bradbury's 1996 study.
The IRS was unable to prove that the assessment was properly performed, it failed to maintain records of an alleged random sample of days from which it determined the tip rates.
The BAR study did not consist of a random sample of repaired vehicles.
At the same time, the supervisors agreed to provide funds to check all the signatures if the random sample fails to show a high rate of validation.
among 1,402 workers, using a nationally representative random sample.
Antonovich introduced a motion that would have required the county to pay even the cost of the random sample verification.
It's not a random sample of women with a BRCA mutation, says John A.
The Service and Reality survey results are from a random sample survey of 17,000 PC Magazine subscribers.
The study was based on a December 2006 survey of a random sample of active LifeLock subscribers as well as previous Javelin research (including the firm's annual Identity Fraud Survey Report) and structured analysis on methods to address new-account identity fraud.