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t] is a random variable, whereas if we fix e [member of] S, [X.
w] (w) is the joint PDF of the input random variables W and [OMEGA] is the support of [f.
Firstly, quasi random sequence of 3-dimensional normal distribution accord with the requirements of above random variables will be generated by the conversion of sobol sequence.
U](t) is the moment generating function of the random variable U, which are even function; that is, [M.
Therefore, the entries of the compressed measurements y are Gaussian random variables with mean zero and variance N[[sigma].
As described above, when the sample geometric mean of a positive random variable is 0, the geometric mean of the modified observation (which imputes values below the detection limit [delta]) may be very different from 0 and, thus, inferences based on the modified sample may be misleading.
Under mild conditions, Jabbari Nooghabi and Azarnoosh [16] got a Bernstein-Hoeffding-type inequality which was established for covariance invariant negatively associated random variables by using a truncation technique together with a block decomposition of the sums to allow an approximation to independence.
Chistyakov, "A theorem on sums of independent positive random variables and its applications to branching random processes," Theory of Probability and Its Applications, vol.
PDF of random variable, d, (distance MS - BTS) can be performed in the following way.
ABSTRACT: Concept of both real and complex Gaussian Random Variables (GRVs) and their corresponding Gaussian Random processes (GRPs) is very important and critical for understanding and designing of a real Communication System.
A random variable X is said to have a beta type 2 distribution with parameters (a,b), denoted as X ~ B2(a,b), a > 0, b > 0, if its pdf is given by
of the random variable 1 + X, where X is exponentially