range of choice

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Mr Marlow said: "People from all religions and walks of life want a greater range of choice and I am prepared to offer whatever a family wants, within the law.
No other BI vendor comes close to this wide range of choice.
Already it is apparent that there will be an opportunity to work more closely to integrate independent living services with assisted living, continuing to expand the range of choice for the consumer.
The 50 Series Network Intelligence Engine appliances raise the bar in the security event management market by providing customers with the most innovative technology and the broadest range of choice for improving business productivity," said Matt Stevens, vice president of marketing and technology, Network Intelligence.
Both offerings display an impressive range of choice BI functionality built on open source developed source code,eIN according to the report.
Making use of available dormitories and camps, Elderhostel's affordable accommodations now offer a range of choice beyond the austere hostels that characterized its early programs.
SAFARI Montage provides Indiana's one-on-one pilot school classes with digital access to a wide range of choice content for their visual instruction needs.
SAFARI Montage provides Chicago's elementary, middle and high school classes with digital access to a wide range of choice content for their visual instruction needs.
Students have a range of choices from GCSEs, A levels, starting an apprenticeship to studying a Diploma; and if interested in a career in the environmental and land-based sector there are a number of options If you are interested visit www.
With about 30 building in Morris County now offering substantial blocks of contiguous space, tenants have a wide range of choices and are shopping zip codes as well as rents.
We urge the Legislature to allow Californians to enjoy the broadest range of choices in death by enacting the Compassionate Choice Act.
There's a wide range of choices in the dahlia family, making McClaren's encyclopedic coverage particularly important in exploring the hundreds of new selections available in the dahlia family.