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RANKING. In Scotland this term is used to signify the order in which the debts of a bankrupt ought to be paid.

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The rank order of worry categories, means, and standard deviations from the present study, as well as those from Millar and Gallagher (1996), are shown in Table 1.
However, for ease of interpretation and comparison, these rank orders are re-ranked provincially, assigning the rank of I to the most deprived district (with the highest value of deprivation index in the province).
TABLE 1 Price Per Acre and Size Are Strongly Inversely Related Price Per Acre Rank Order Acres Rank Order $25,000 1 10 6 $24,000 2 11 5 $21,000 3 12 4 $20,000 4 13 3 $20,000 5 25 2 $10,000 6 34 1 [Tau] = -0.
The development of such criteria would require that we clearly identify and agree upon social needs and then be able to rank order to these needs.
The rank order of Referendar and Assessor is inverted at one point (196-8), while cross references in the text are sometimes wrong (80, 168).
To find out, we used data from HCFA's mortality report to generate rank order correlations between hospital-specific mortality residuals and observed mortality rates for hospitals (N = 5,414).
The disabling conditions most reported by project directors in rank order were: alcoholism (272), "other" disabilities (187), orthopedic/musculoskeletal (113), mentally retarded (96), learning disabled (84), spinal cord injury (43), mental illness/psychological (42), and arthritis (41).
Respondents were asked to rank order various skills that the senior tax person should possess.
In other words, a given measurement tends to retain the same rank order as the child ages, and a child with high blood cholesterol is at greater risk for a high level in the future.
The Lots will be ranked and call offs will be awarded in rank order.
Statistics are in both alphabetical and rank order and are drawn from a variety of government and private sources such as the American Medical Association, US Census, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Medical Expenditure Panel Survey.
Toys are not listed in rank order of the biggest-sellers.