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RANKING. In Scotland this term is used to signify the order in which the debts of a bankrupt ought to be paid.

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average ranking: MFR 1star (previous N/A Name: Meezan Islamic Fund 1year ranking MFR 3star (previousJune 30, 2014 MFR 3star) 3year wt.
The site publishes rankings and reviews of top business and management degree programs, financial aid options for business students, career guides, and more.
Competitiveness Ranking : Published by the World Economic Forum on 4 September 2013
It includes the top 500 world universities based on their overall performance as well as separate rankings by field from 2008 and by subject from 2010.
S&P indicated that the GLS Special Servicer ranking of average was based on, among other factors, the firm's limited asset recovery track record and special servicing history, due largely to the fact that there have been very few loans under GLS's purview which have required special servicing, thereby limiting actual historical performance.
Believing that the rankings accounted more for a campus's reputation than the education it provided, Washington Monthly created its own annual rankings guide two years ago that focuses on social mobility, research and service.
Dropping yield will ultimately have title effect, because "it's not about rankings, it's about competing for the top kids," Greene says.
Still, such rankings matter deeply on college campuses.
In fact, Chief Executive's third annual ranking of CEOs shows that the way to get really rich is to be right about both the industry and the individual.
This article illustrates a versatile Delphi ranking technique that costs little in money and time when compared to some of the auditing expert systems that recently have been developed.
The pattern of rankings by size of tax staff is also similar to the overall rankings.
FinStrata Listed US Banks 800800 largest listed banks as measured by market cap, ranked strongest-to-weakest and featuring demographic and other special rankings detailed below.