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But it's the World Cup reversal to Warren Gatland's men, rather than that defeat in Dublin, which rankles with O'Driscoll most.
Some may rankle at a private eye who unabashedly ogles women, but Heller is a product of his time, charming and roguish, with a wealth of sardonic humor.
Moby may champion soothing sounds, but his outspoken politics continue to rankle many pundits.
But it's likely that the occupation will still rankle, and that the calls from Iraqi nationalists and Islamic fundamentalists will continue to draw thousands of protesters into the streets to demand that the Americans go home.
Cutting off free coffee or leaving watercoolers empty, for example, can rankle the rank and file without doing much to truly trim costs.
Clashes with Hooke over scientific matters on two previous occasions appear to rankle him still.
America's attitude towards the holocaust issue and settlement has angered many Swiss and the latest episode to rankle relations comes with the Raoul child incest case.
The alliance between Scotts and Shemin provides enhanced value to the professional trade because Shemin will become a single source for all the professional growers' needs," said Bob Rankle, president of Shemin Nurseries, Inc.
But there are still things about it that rankle, Murray (right) apart.
It is not just the ones that got away which rankle, it's the knowledge that at some point in the not-too-distant future, his career will come to an end.
Some say we are getting good money for him, but it is the fact he asked to leave that will rankle fans and ensure that he gets an appropriate reception when he returns with his Scouse mates.
It does not rankle the army, because after India and Pakistan became nuclear powers, that position of being able to take over another state is nullified," the paper quoted Zardari, as saying.