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HIGH LIFE: Youngsters get into a spin on one of the Yetton Rant rides (tmc200513NOSyetton3)
ANDERS BREIVIK is an extensive blogger whose online rants about politics expose him as a Nazi sympathiser.
Taking place at The Blueocat, on Friday, February 11, it will be the first of this year's Rebel Rants series, which last year welcomed speakers including gay rights activist Peter Tatchell to the platfor m.
The 36-year-old presenter, who has been hosting the Radio 1 morning show for the past six years, played down his tirade by telling listeners: "It's not the worst rant I've ever done.
Wright's enjoyment, here is the final sentence of Nickerson's "finest" rants ever, part of which was inadvertently dropped in the last issue: "Put simply, it is the scientific community's considered opinion that Canada is screwed.
Dear Internet Rant Subscriber, Here's a small sample of the tips, tactics, and techniques you've discovered in the Internet Rant in the past several months .
Scholarship prizes of $500 for the best videos and $250 for T shirts are awarded to those rants judged most clever.
This is a rant--a rant against all those "Olde Towne" and "Courtyards" communities.
The person who made the rant attacking PETA's ad to end oppression perhaps would have been the person in the past who fought against rights for Blacks, women, gays, etc.
Following in his dad's footsteps, Gordon attacked church-state separation on the air February 3, 2006, during a rant about pulpit-based politicking, telling viewers, "It's incredible the brainwashing that's happened in America today.