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Then the Giant, grinning with rage, strode tower-like towards the stranger (ten times strengthened at every step), and fetched a monstrous blow at him with his pine tree, which Hercules caught upon his club; and being more skilful than Antaeus, he paid him back such a rap upon the sconce, that down tumbled the great lumbering man-mountain, flat upon the ground.
A pause came, however, when he had to take up his ruler, and now again came the strange rap, and again Gyp howled.
Here, a 2d tremendous rap interrupted my Father in his speech, and somewhat alarmed my Mother and me.
A third more violent Rap than ever again assaulted our ears.
As for the Angel, he evinced his sense of my assault by giving me two or three hard consecutive raps upon the forehead as before.
The stick, with a single sharp rap of it, had effected the change.
A rap at that time of night and in that weather might have surprised an ordinary mortal who had dwelt two years in the gulch without seeing a human face, and could not fail to know that the country was impassable; but Mr.
Prepared--I know not why--to believe that the keeper is the guilty man--I go to the door and rap smartly on it.
The mate cursed him in the darkness, and the next moment some missile struck the galley a sharp rap.
You know quite well that I have never in my life pretended to care a rap about you - except to pass the time.
Knock, indeed, he did at the door, but not with one of those gentle raps which is usual on such occasions.
The young Syrian has been listening to rap music since he was 11-years old.