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He recruits among the uncouth peasant majority and quickly mobilizes prophetic intensity--naming Jewish elite complicity with Roman imperial rapacity as abomination, putting the Jewish poor in early graves (Lk 6:20-26; Mk 12:40).
The Abbey church, of course, is what remains of the Benedictine monastery that fell victim to the rapacity and violence of Henry VIII and remains to this day an important Anglican ecclesiastical monument.
If Akomfrah's work is about the recovery of a lost history through fictional narrative, New York--based artist Wangechi Mutu's The End of Eating Everything, 2013, is a dystopian vision of a collective future imperiled by the rapacity of postindustrial capitalism.
Deputy Foreign Minister asserted that President al-Assad saved Syria from the rapacity of its enemies.
Altogether about $1,000 worth of young stock within two miles of where he was shot are attributed to his rapacity.
As I fumed at the rapacity of a wheeler dealer enriched by taxpayers via the BBC shirking his own tax, I read an analysis of breadline wages in Britain by the Resolution Foundation.
Francis called attention to victims of natural disasters, especially typhoon victims in the Philippines, while renewing his call to protect the environment, which he said was "frequently exploited by human greed and rapacity.
That they did in a second 45 minutes during which they dominated the midfield and at times seemed as if they had an extra man, such was the rapacity of their possession and movement.
Like our brothers in prison today--and like ourselves those African ancestors were victims of the political, economic and military rapacity of white America.
To the contrary, Smith implicitly contrasted the socially beneficial "self-interest" of capital owners to a "mean rapacity .
Houghton Revisited', this summer's spectacular exhibition of the great paintings which once belonged to Sir Robert Walpole and have temporarily returned from Russia to their former home in Norfolk, reveals both the taste and the rapacity of Catherine the Great.