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RAPINE, crim. law. This is almost indistinguishable from robbery. (q.v.) It is the felonious taking of another man's personal property, openly and by violence, against his will. The civilians define rapine to be the taking with violence, the movable property of another, with the fraudulent intent to appropriate it to one's own USC. Lec. El. Dr. Rom. Sec. 1071.

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Their god forbade pilferage; larceny was their middle name; their god forbade blood-letting; rapine had become them; their god forbade they covetousness; lust for our lands was in their eyes.
Achille Mbembe, for example, characterizes Africa's wars as "wars of rapine pitting one set of predators against others" (88).
In Long's view, the Western (white) "victors" of colonial history emerged from the mix primarily "programmed" to seek divinity in the modality of fascination and allurement (God as Love), while the underside of that 500-year-long enterprise has been forcibly initiated into an experience of Ultimacy as a recurrent epiphany of "Terrifying Inscrutability" (ritualized in various "religions of the oppressed"), a modality of the Divine as Tremendum (God as Dread) that (seemingly) watches the rapine and plunder with impervious equanimity (since there is no immediately "saving" intervention).
And thus, place, that great object which divides the wives of aldermen, is the end of half the labours of human life; and is the cause of all the tumult and bustle, all the rapine and injustice, which avarice and ambition have introduced into this world.
358" hollowbase bullet design is cast of pure lead in a mould by the now defunct Rapine Bullet Mould Company.
Ma Crocco era ricercato precedentemente, insieme al suo associato Mastronardi per furti e rapine accaduti dopo la sua fuga dall'esercito borbonico, per cui dovette nuovamente darsi alla macchia nonostante il suo comportamento appropriato nelle file dei soldati garibaldini.
effectively reenacts the crime, as does the constant torment of unattainable fruit which, like apples of Sodom, will never appease the further torture of 'scalding thirst and hunger fierce'" and suggests that the rebels' other punishments are fitting as they "choose their own government of tyranny and punishment because they have left ungoverned their own dissensions, jealousies, outrages, rapine and lusts" (94-5).
But the severity of these conditions made some Asian peoples move to launch destroying attacks for rapine, and Europe was not safe of these attacks as plains located in the south of Caspian opened a way for bucolic Asian clans especially Huns through which they went in Europe, and thus made atmosphere of fear and panic among peoples living at the borders of the Romanian Empire.
Set in twelfth-century England during the reigns of Henry II and Richard I, Harley's 'Old English' tale takes as its point of departure the ease with which the over-mighty 'baron' De Courcy (passing as the Earl of Manston) uses his influence over King Henry to usurp the lands of the Earl of Raby, but it goes on to depict the eventual defeat of De Courcy and in doing so presents numerous instances of what Robertson referred to as 'the valour and generosity of private persons', as gallantry emerges out of, and points a way beyond, a state of 'war, rapine, and anarchy'.
I'm hugely heartened that our greatest universities still produce golden lads and lassies in classical mould that honours endeavour, and that these young men - rare in a nation that's grown scared of literacy - return the zest to air their emotions without rapine, mayhem and condemning our police for what they call "dissin'" them.
And if so, can we (reasonably or intelligently) expect the Rajapaksas to rein in their own forces of murder, rapine and pillage or to implement the LLRC Report, voluntarily?