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A tail feather package for radio-tagging raptorial birds.
Mammal remains from cast pellets of raptorial birds often are of considerable aid in verifying the distribution of small mammals in an area, because raptors frequently prey upon species that are difficult to obtain by conventional collecting methods.
pecosensis, its forward-facing mouth, raptorial pharyngeal teeth, and habitat associations suggest it feeds in fluvial habitats (Hubbs, 1941; Hatch et al.
Forelegs relatively long and armed with spines; tibiae and metatarsi with one to three rows of raptorial spines along the anterior prolateral surfaces, where long erect spines are interspersed by three or four smaller bent ones (e.
My secretary cannot resist transcribing one final definition: "A raptorial bird of South Africa .
Simply put, Pelosi and her new leadership team will need to raise taxes on working Americans to reward the raptorial spending interests who helped them get elected.
Wielding two large raptorial claws, they spear and smash their prey's outer shells, justifying their nickname of "thumb busters.
Atypical and respiratory candidiasis has also been reported in fowl and raptorial birds.